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my name's jenny.
this an atla and lok blog.
this is NOT a spoiler free blog.
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Nick put this nice little timeline up on their website.


Lots of you have been asking what time new episodes will be added to nick.com moving forward! Remaining Book 3 episodes will be added to nick.com on Fridays at 12:00pm (noon) EST. We will update with the link for this Friday’s episode “The Stakeout” as soon as it’s live :)

prayer circle that suyin isn’t working with the red lotus

Was there a korra episode tonight? I'm so confused I saw something about them live streaming it? I can't find it on nicks website I'm so confused I just want to watch korra

yeah, episode 8 aired tonight on television. it was the last one to be aired on tv, the rest are going to premiere online.

here is the download link



"I would never do anything to hurt you!"

This is why I like asami. She went through all this with mako and korra and she still is able to forgive that easily without another second thought.id be going Ape on mako and korra if I were her.

"It’s easy to do nothing but it’s even harder to forgive"
-avatar aang

no one ever: i can't wait for legend of korra to be over so i can watch spongebob
I'm not sure why, but I get a really bad feeling about Su... Is it just me?

no, i kinda have that feeling too. i’m still not 100% sure of her, and i’m questioning if she has some weird role in everything. after korra said they found out her adviser betrayed them, if you go back and look, she kinda made a weird face. and her reaction felt kinda over the top, but it might have been sincere. she may have even wanted korra to go capture him so she could keep control of the situation. but again that’s probably analyzing it too much.

i’m reeeeeally hoping that’s not the case, and overall i don’t think it is. but it’s interesting to think about.

nickelodeon i will forgive you for your poor marketing techniques if you escort me to where i can buy asami sato’s pajamas