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my name's jenny.
this an atla and lok blog.
this is NOT a spoiler free blog.
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Legend of Korra creator Brian Konietzko is saying that the move to digital is because of the sea change in industry and the popularity of people watching online. Because of the great ratings on digital viewership, they decided to move completely to digital. The show is not cancelled and is going strong! All 5 episodes are now online on nick.com and new episodes will arrive every week!


presenting: the earth kingdom monarch houting [obscured] arrest the following criminals: airbenders serious [obscured]

avatar korra

korra’s name has officially been written in the chinese title of the series as 科拉 (kēlā) but it’s written here as 㓂拉 (kòulā). honestly nothing interesting since it’s just changing the transliteration (they’ve done this before—zuko had two or three spellings in atla) unless you really want to analyze it since 㓂 can be translated to invade/plunder but i doubt there’s really anything here.

the seal on the left is exactly what it looks like. “earth kingdom monarch houting official seal”

this has been a fairly useless post


P’li, Ming-Hua, and Ghazan Concept Art


kainora is the cutest ship to have ever been on lok wtf. 

x ugh x

hey guys, i’ve been searching through theme blogs for like an hour and i’m  not finding anything i’m liking (i’m waaaay too picky with themes, it’s gross).

are there any theme makers you would recommend? thanks!